Volunteer Moderators wanted!

You can make a difference in the lives of countless LGBTQ+ youth from your own home.  We’re currently looking for two new moderators to facilitate two of our weekly chatrooms.  

Volunteer position is remote, so you can do it from anywhere.

Our youth chatrooms are amazing communities.  Young people from all over are able to gather and form a community which they might not have in their every day lives.  For many of our youth, they may not be out, might not have safe space, or have much affirming interactions in their day to day lives.  That’s not fair, that’s not right!

They deserve support, affirmation, and respect.

And one of the ways we can help is offer them a space where they can be themselves.  Chatroom conversations can run from the very serious, coming out conversations, conversations about transitioning, about feeling alone.  Conversations can be personal victories and feeling good, finding support, reading the best queer comic.  Sometimes the conversation is about what’s the best Pokemon, and why.  Kids deserve to be kids, and have a safe space to do that.

As a moderator, you will help provide that space, sometimes leading conversations, sometimes answering questions, but always looking out to ensure the space provided is as safe as we can make it.

If you’re interested, moderators must be over 18 years old, have reliable internet access, and identify as part of the LGBTQIA+ community.  

We are looking for two moderators:  

Wednesday 4 - 6 pm pacific - for the LGBTQ Teens Chatroom.  Moderators can be any identity in the LGBTQIA+ community.

Friday 5 - 7 pm pacific - for the Trans Teens Chatroom.  Moderators must identify as trans, nonbinary or gender expansive.

If you’re interested you can go to www.LGBThotline.org/volunteer or go directly to the application at: lgbthotline.org/moderator-application

If you have questions, please reach out! 

Office: 415-355-0003

Email: help@LGBThotline.org