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Care Before Crisis

All of our support volunteers identify as part of the LGBTQIA+ family, and are here to serve the entire community, by providing free & confidential peer-support, information, and local resources through national hotlines and online programs.

Hotline Hours:
1 PM - 9 PM/pacific time
4 PM - Midnight/eastern time

9 AM - 2 PM/pacific time
Noon - 5 P/eastern time

We're more than
just hotlines. Find
support online too:

LGBT Online Peer Support Chat

Connect one-to-one through instant message (IM) with a peer support volunteer

Weekly Youth Chatrooms

Moderated group chatrooms for youth ages 19 and younger to find community and support

Location Indicator

LGBT Near Me

Over 18,000 LGBTQIA+ Resources

Find helpful resources for the LGBTQIA+ community throughout the United States and Canada

You can feel safe with us

You can feel safe with us

All of our services are completely
free and confidential

All of our volunteers are members of the LGBTQIA+ community

We answer all of our own calls, we don't outsource

We don't report calls to outside organizations

LGBT Couple outside
LGBT Confident Woman
LGBT Confident Woman

Additional support & resources
to help you on your journey

Online Media

Other media such as podcasts, webcomics, and music playlists for the community

Book List

Find a trove of books on different subjects
concerning the LGBTQIA+ community

Film List

Videos, films, and channels on LGBTQIA+ issues

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