Billi and Emma – Quick Movie Review

Welcome to the first in our series of quick media reviews. You might not be ready to talk on the phone or start an online chat, but that doesn't mean that you can't find ways to connect to the community. Movies and other media are ways to learn about other lives and ways others express themselves and their identity.

Billie and Emma (2018) directed by Samantha Lee, is a brilliant coming of age movie of two young women navigating the world, relationships, and finding how they can be true to themselves. The film highlights the themes of romantic and familiar love, identity and acceptance. It is a heartfelt and wholesome narrative that many teenagers can relate to or find solace among the heart breaking and sad queer stories that the genre is accustom too.

As of this recording (May 2023), Billie and Emma is available to watch free on Tubu.

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