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Quick Film Review – The Way He Looks

Continuing our journey of using media as ways to connect to the community, we bring you a look at, “The Way He Looks”.“I Don’t Want to Go Back Alone” is a 2010 Brazilian short film directed by Daniel Ribeiro that was later expanded into the feature length film, “The Way He Looks” released in 2014. […]

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Pageboy: A Memoir – A Review

Pageboy: A Memoir is a 2023 book written by Academy Award-nominated actor, producer, and director Elliot Page who is known for his work on the Netflix series The Umbrella Academy. This memoir is recommended for readers 18 years of age and older as Pages’ experiences include moments of drug and alcohol use, profanity, homophobia/transphobia, descriptions […]

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Billi and Emma – Quick Movie Review

Welcome to the first in our series of quick media reviews. You might not be ready to talk on the phone or start an online chat, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find ways to connect to the community. Movies and other media are ways to learn about other lives and ways others express […]

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Sort Of – Streaming SHow Quick Review

“Sort Of” is a Canadian TV sitcom that premiered in 2021 created by Bilal Baig and Fab Filippo. The show is a dramedy that follows the life of Sabi Mehboob (played by Baig): a Pakistani, millennial, queer, non-binary person who lives in Toronto. They juggle a lot on their plate: they are the nanny of […]

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Quick Media Review – Uncoupled

Uncoupled is an eight-episode TV series that débuted on Showtime in 2023.This romantic comedy is geared for those ages 18 and up as the shows include profanity, sexual situations with nudity, drinking, and drug use.Created and co-produced by LGBTQ+ producers Darren Star and Jeffrey Richman along with actor Neil Patrick Harris in the lead role, […]

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Seahorse – Quick Documentary Review

“Seahorse” is a 2019 documentary film directed by Jeanie Finlay. This documentary delves into the inspiring and unique story of Freddy McConnell, a transgender man who embarks on a remarkable journey of pregnancy and parenthood. It follows Freddy’s personal and emotional exploration as he navigates the complexities of his gender identity and the physical and […]

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Book Review – Time Out

Purchase a Copy Time Out is a 2023 young adult novel written by actor Sean Hayes of Will & Grace fame, Emmy Award-winning producer Todd Milliner, and author Carlyn Greenwald. This coming of age story follows the life of sixteen-year-old Barclay Elliot who is the captain of his high school basketball team and is admired […]

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Today’s Supreme Court Ruling

For an article on the ruling please click HERE.“Today, the Court, for the first time in its history, grants a business open to the public a constitutional right to refuse to serve members of a protected class,” Justice Sonia Sotomayor penned today after the Supreme Court ruled in favor of a Christian web designer in […]

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