LGBTQIA+ History Month. Quick Film Review: Tongues Untied

"Tongues Untied" is a documentary film directed by Marlon Riggs released in 1989. The film explores the experiences of black gay men in America, focusing on issues such as racial and sexual identity, discrimination, ballroom culture, and the impact of the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

Marlon Riggs' film is not only a powerful documentary but also an important cultural and artistic work that has played a significant role in the LGBTQ+ and black communities, shedding light on the experiences and perspectives of those most often marginalized in society. This film encapsulates a lot of what makes the black gay experience and is a major historical piece from this era in time.

This is part of our collective history and important for us all. Often times LGBTQIA+ people need to find their family, those who can love and support them in hard times and people to love and share with in the victories.

There is no ONE WAY of being. Each person has their own journey and has the right to find comfort and joy in the person they are, and how they express themselves. The journey of self discovery may be different for each person, and part of our community and those with questions or concerns on their gender and/or sexual identity are welcome to talk with our peer support volunteers on our national hotlines and online one-to-one chat. A person's journey for acceptance both externally and internally is their own, and all are valid.

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