Quick Movie Review – Wildwood

Wildhood is a Canadian coming-of-age drama film directed, written, and produced by Bretten Hannam in 2021. Trigger warning for domestic violence.

Lincoln, also known as Link, is a hot headed but kind hearted young adult who lives with his abusive white father, Arvin, and his half-brother, Travis. Link’s mother, Sarah, is Mi’kmaq (one of the first nations in Canada’s Atlantic Provinces) and was disconnected from the rest of the family when Link was young. Link goes through his father’s belongings and finds a stack of cards and letters from his mother over the years and realizes that she’s still alive. He escapes home with Travis and the two set out to find Link’s mother. Along the way, they meet Pasmay, a two-spirit Mi’kmaq teen around Link’s age. Together, they search for any leads for Sarah’s whereabouts as well as reconnecting with Link’s lost heritage.

It is incredibly important that all of our stories are told.

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