Running for Equality – Pt. 2 On your mark, ready…set…go!

The weather has gotten warmer and you can tell the difference. We’re back with an update on partnering with state champion, Roger Barraby, track & field athlete set to compete in the 11th Gay Games in Guadalajara.

On a recent warm Friday afternoon we joined Roger as he squeezed in some training before he was set to help coach Windsor High’s up and coming athletes. Between work and his training, Roger has found time to provide encouragement and share his expertise with the next generation of track and field athletes at his alma mater. “Think of me as a special guest star,” he joked as he told us about the time he’s able to spend with the students of Windsor High in Vermont. Straight or LGBTQ+ these young people are getting an accomplished athlete to look up to and learn from his wealth of experience and knowledge.

Meeting up with Roger, he was excited to show off his uniform that had just arrived. As he had stated before, being able to wear what he feels comfortable in and what brings him PRIDE allows him to be in a space where he can shine. His unique style and flare isn’t a detriment to him but one of his strength. Not just for himself, but for anyone else who sees him. His determination is evident in his movement as he runs the track and can be seen by any one watching.

In his new uniform and shoes, nails painted a most excellent purple, he’s ready to run. Last time we met up there was still a chill in the air, but now as the weather has warmed its clear he’s in his element. We at the LGBT National Help Center continue to be proud to be partnered with Roger as he runs towards the Gay Games this year.

Roger is a great example of what is

possible when someone is confident in themselves and has the support of their community. If you are able to, we encourage you to support Roger on his journey to the Gay Games (link here), but we know not everyone is able to, but consider reposting and letting others know.

When Roger runs, he’s running for himself, for his personal best. But he also runs for everyone else who has come before him who fought for him to be able to be his amazing self, and he runs for those who will follow him, like the students he helps coach at Windsor High School, and all the young people who sees him out on the track.

We’re about to enter June, which is International Pride Month, and we hope you are able to celebrate it with us and continue on this journey with Roger.

Whether you are Out or in the closet, please remember, you are amazing. Your journey is yours and you are valid. You are part of an LGBTQIA+ community and family that is better because you are part of it.

The Gay Games are happening this year in two locations,Hong Kong and Guadalajara with just about every sport available imaginable this coming November. We encourage you to learn more about this international celebration!